Grand Isle School

Chapter Established: 2013-14

Grand Isle School is located directly on the island of Grand Isle  in Southeast Louisiana, and is known for being a “Sportsman’s Paradise.” With approximately 150 students, from Kindergarten through 12th grade, approximately 40 of whom are in the high school grades, students learn through a child-centered environment while being provided opportunities to become lifelong learners.

The Grand Isle chapter joined SHOREline during the inaugural year as an extra-curricular program for students in 9th-12th grade, and was facilitated by Mr. Nathan Stanford. The Grand Isle SHOREliners knew from first-hand experience how vulnerable the island population was to coastal storms and how frequently the area would flood.  For their capstone project, the students focused on the fact that many people in their own community would lose vital documents as well as photographs and other keepsakes when a disaster strikes. Losing such items can delay the recovery process and can lead to added distress and a strong sense of loss among affected populations. As a solution to the problem, the Grand Isle SHOREliners created a project called Scanning the Island, a pre-disaster outreach program that used cloud-based archiving technologies to help community members preserve critical documents and keepsakes.

Grand Isle Chapter is not participating in the second year of the SHOREline program. The Chapter may rejoin the program in the near future.

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