Readiness requires prepared communities, trained responders, robust supply lines, and effective coordination. In short, readiness requires a system of systems. These complex organizational and social systems include communities, organizations, and people. The National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP) has long embraced the concept that it takes a “Whole Community” to respond to and recover from public health emergencies. Our trainings, drills and exercises, and advisory roles reflect this philosophy.

Policy encompasses the beliefs, guiding principles, and broad courses of action that we adopt in order to make decisions, take action, and influence the actions of others. At NCDP we are focused on the actions needed in order to achieve better outcomes following disasters. Through research, we address critical issues in disaster preparedness and response; and through our policy work, we provide evidence of what works and what does not—to governments at all levels, the private sector, and households.

Resources provided include:

  • Strategic planning and organizational analysis
  • Rapid post-disaster needs assessments
  • Multi-modal training and education
  • Comprehensive drill and exercise design and evaluation
  • Emergency plan design, analysis, and evaluation

Featured Practice + Policy Projects

Disaster Planning for Child Care Centers: Puerto Rico

State Legislators Enact Disaster Policies in 2023

Utilities + Resilience

Trade Facilitation Disaster Resilience

Resilient Children Resilient Communities (RCRC)

Past Practice + Policy Projects

Our past practice projects have provided NCDP with the experience to plan, develop, and implement for the whole community. Our past policy work reflects work from these entities as we call attention to key issues, convene experts, conduct research, and propose new and better ways to approach disaster policy.