Media Relations

An important part of NCDP’s mission is to respond to the needs of the media around preparedness issues, and in response to emergent events. NCDP senior staff are available to meet the needs of journalists working with both short and longer lead times, in all media.

We will assist members of the media to access our faculty–renowned researchers and teachers working on the cutting edge of disaster response, recovery, and other critical public health issues. To learn about faculty who can speak to specific public health topics, please e-mail us.

If you are a member of the media interested in arranging an interview, or would like more information, please contact Jonathan Sury.

Members of the media, including photographers and video crews who are interested in coming on campus, attending events, or subscribing to receive press releases should contact Kevin Krajick.

Press Release Archive

Media Contacts

Jonathan Sury
w 212.853.6237

Kevin Krajick
w 212.854.9729