Training + Education

Since NCDP’s founding in 2003, NCDP has provided professional training for more than 100,000 learners through web-based, instructor-led, and virtual training. Current training programs for the whole community focus on post-disaster economic and housing recovery, mass care community sheltering and relocation assistance, pandemic preparedness and response, climate literacy and equity, and individual and household preparedness. Trainings include collaborative activities, planning tools, tool kits, case studies, and geographic information system (GIS) resources that learners can incorporate into their work practices.

Training Center: Signing Up for Training

The NCDP Training Center provides free instructor-led and online certificate training courses, webinars, and lectures designed for the whole community. First-time visitors to the NCDP Training Center will need to register as a user by setting up a username and password.

This training center has hours of training content and resources designed to meet education and training needs while providing course transcripts, self-based modules, and access to the NCDP training of in-person and virtual instructor-led training opportunities.