Social Media Training Suite

  • Flagship On-line Course: COM3305 – Social Media in Preparedness and Response
  • Thought Leadership Video Series: The Power of Connectivity + Disaster Operations
  • Concepts of Social Media in Disaster Video Series: Managing & Organizing Crowd-sourced Content
  • Social Media Resources: Peer-reviewed articles, reports/white papers, tools

Project Objectives

  1. NCDP is developing a collaborative geospatial query tool via the platform that is enabling Hurricane Sandy grantees to download, analyze, and share thousands of location-based social media data records from the storm and other past disasters.
  2. NCDP is developing a web portal to provide social media training and data resources to facilitate collaboration among the research grantees, public health agencies, first responder organizations, and the communities they serve.

Project Goals

  • Provide access to Geofeedia, a geospatial query tool for the research grantees that creates location-based social media data sets from past events.
  • Develop a web portal to host a suite of training resources, online tools, and online databases to facilitate collaborative research and response efforts involving social media data.
  • Integrate research tools for using social media data developed by New York regional agencies and tech startups.
  • Develop an online library of peer reviewed literature sources pertaining to the visualization of social media data during disaster response.
  • Develop a library of online data resources for analyses of social media data.
  • Develop training videos on using social media data for research purposes.
  • Develop an NCDP online course on using social media during disaster response.

Personnel Involved in the Study: