This training is a comprehensive introduction to Point of Dispensing (POD) concepts, operation, and management. This interactive course utilizes time-lapse photography and a suite of cutting-edge tools to cover a wide range of topics relevant to efficient and effective POD operations. Topics also cover POD best practices and common problems in addition to POD leadership and management guidance. Additionally, learners are presented with a variety of optional POD scenarios to explore how operations may vary depending on event-type and available resources. This training was collaboratively developed with the Suffolk County, NY Department of Health Services and completed in 2016.

Main Modules

  1. POD Training Overview (Launch)
  2. POD Overview (Launch)
  3. POD Layout and Activation (Launch)
  4. POD Staffing and Management (Launch)
  5. POD Operations
    1. Part 1: Overview + Simulation POD (Launch)
    2. Part 2: From Setup to Packing Up (Launch)
    3. Part 3: POD Leadership (Launch)

Note: If the player does not load automatically upon launching, click the spinning wheel to initiate the selected module as you browser may have autoplay blocked.


  1. Influenza (Launch)
  2. Anthrax (Launch)
  3. Smallpox (Launch)
  4. Plague (Launch)

Special Circumstances

  1. Drive-through POD (Launch)
  2. POD During a Radiological Event (Launch)


  • This course and modules above are not tracked and will not issue a certificate.
  • POD operations and plans will vary by locality. Consult your local health department to learn more, and if available, acquire a copy of the local POD plan or operations manual as well as attend a local training.
  • The concepts presented in this training are only one example of how PODs may be structured and managed.

Special Thanks

  • This course was developed in collaboration with the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, NY under the guidance of Salvatore Scarpitta, PhD.
    • Narration by: Sal Scarpitta, Lauren Barlow, Gail Mickaliger, Jacqueline Bolta, Jonathan Sury
    • Additional Support from: Dennis Russo, Robert Delagi
  • POD Filming Participants
    • Suffolk County: Department of Health Services, Police Department, CERT, Medical Reserve Corps
    • Nassau County: CERT, Medical Reserve Corps, Ann DeSimone
    • Additional Volunteers from TeamEpi, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, and New York Medical College

Funded by: Cooperative Agreement 5U90TP000419-03 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.