In the context of disasters, resilience is the ability to bounce back quickly and completely. Where the energy sector is concerned, energy resilience is an important component of overall community and economic resilience. This topic area explores the ways in which the energy sector and disaster/climate resilience are intertwined.


The coronavirus pandemic created ubiquitous challenges, including within operational continuity for the energy sector. This topic area explores the novel approaches utilized by the NCDP and ComEd partnership in order to predict and maintain workforce stability for an essential electric utility.


The centralized electric grid is one of the 20th century’s greatest accomplishments. Yet now, in a rapidly changing world of technological advancements and societal evolution, the centralized grid presents challenges and vulnerabilities to our ways of life and work. This topic area explores microgrids and other energy innovations for a resilient grid of the future.


In addition to written work, the ComEd and NCDP teams share their thought leadership insights and experiences at conferences and other forums nationwide.