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SHOREline Inaugural Capstone Mini-Documentary

This mini-documentary chronicles the preceding events and activities which set the stage for the culmination of the inaugural year of SHOREline at the year-end Capstone event.

Produced by Maria Do. Music and narration by Daniel Bartage.

This photostory, created by CDRA‘s Research Assistant Jennifer Tobin-Gurley, highlights the inagural year of the SHOREline Project.

Katrina/Sandy Youth Dialogue, Part 1

It has been two years since Superstorm Sandy struck the East Coast and nearly ten years since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. At SHOREline, we took this moment to reflect upon the issues of response and recovery it raised among the members of our SHOREline network – high school students at five Gulf Coast schools and one New York City school.

How are Katrina and Sandy similar? From the perspective of young people, what can they learn from one another about such catastrophic events? Ninth and tenth graders at NYC’s Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management developed questions that they posed to their Gulf Coast counterparts in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Their questions included:

  • In the days following Hurricane Katrina, what was your daily routine?
  • What are some obstacles that your community faced in the aftermath of Katrina?
  • How did you feel during Hurricane Katrina?
  • Did you find the media portrayal of Hurricane Katrina accurate?
  • Were there any recovery programs put in place for those who needed assistance both mentally and physically?

With the help of documentary filmmaker and educator Philip B. Swift, the SHOREline students used their smartphones and cameras to record their questions and answers. The “Katrina/Sandy Youth Dialogue, Part 1” is the start of this conversation. This back-and-forth is one further step towards SHOREline’s goal of “Youth helping youth recover from disasters.”

This photostory, created by CDRA‘s Research Assistant Jennifer Tobin-Gurley, highlights the inagural year of the SHOREline Project.

During October 18-20, 2013, all five of the inaugural SHOREline chapters, as well as teacher-sponsors, members of the Youth Advisory Board, and project staff from Columbia University, Colorado State University, and the Children’s Health Fund gathered in Long Beach, MS to kick-off this exciting new project. This summit represented the first opportunity for all the students connect with one another. The goals for the summit were: for SHOREliners to understand the broader vision and goals of the program, begin creating powerful networking and conceptual connections, and learn how youth can help youth in other communities recover from disaster. Produced by Maria Do. Music and narration by Daniel Bartage

The power of the group and power of “groups of groups” are among the driving forces behind the Posse Foundation’s success. As NCDP launched our SHOREline youth empowerment project we looked to the Posse Foundation for inspiration and direction. NCDP Deputy Director David Abramson introduces the plenary lecture on the “Power of the Posse” delivered by MacArthur Genius award-winner Debbie Bial at the SHOREline Kick-Off Summit in Long Beach, Mississippi on October 19, 2013. Dr. Bial is joined by several of her Posse alumnae as they describe the themes that link Posse and SHOREline.

Posse Video:
Posse Foundation:

NCDP Director Dr. Irwin Redlener welcomes the charter members of NCDP’s new youth empowerment program, the SHOREline Project.

This video produced by Maria Do, helped recruit members of NCDP’s new youth empowerment effort – the SHOREline Project.

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