SHOREline Youth Network Team (YNT) 2014-2015

SHOREline’s Youth Network Team (YNT) engages 2-5 YNT representatives from each SHOREline chapter in making powerful connections. Student representatives meet twice per month over video calls to enhance chapter-to-chapter communication, share achievements and challenges within the chapters, and discuss current events and other youth advocacy or disaster preparedness and recovery efforts. Students take turns facilitating these conversations and also participate in brainstorming ideas over email. The YNT also serves as a platform to share feedback as each chapter develops their capstone project.


Alma Bryant:

Sha-Tyra Henderson
Juldy Phouk
Neven Buchanan

Benjamin Franklin:

CiCi Francesca
Kristin Thomas
Camille Simon


Shelby Riley
Meg Loughman

South Lafourche:

Dylan Callais
Katie Duet


Brenacia Yasin


Kiarra Eagan
Arbnor (Nori) Kabashi

YNT Support:

Kylie Pybus

Team Blue: Sha-Tyra (Bryant), CiCi (Ben Franklin), Katie (South Lafourche) and Kiarra (UASEM), Brenacia (Thibodaux)

Team Green: Juldy (Bryant), Kristin (Ben Franklin), Shelby (Gulfport), and Nori (UASEM).

Team Red: Neven (Bryant), Camille (Ben Franklin), Meg (Gulfport), and Dylan (South Lafourche).