SHOREline Team


David Abramson, PhD MPH, Clinical Associate Professor, Global Institute of Public Health, New York University | e-mail   

Lori Peek, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology, Co-Director Colorado State University’s Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis | e-mail


Jaishree Beedasy, PhD MSc, SHOREline Project Director | e-mail

Jyaphia Christos-Rodgers, MA,  Field project Program Coordinator | e-mail

Amber Goff, MBA, Field project Program Coordinator | e-mail

Jonathan J. Sury, MPH, CPH, Senior Research Coordinator | e-mail

Erin Sehnert, MSW, Project Coordinator | e-mail

Frank Wesley, Ed.S, MEd, The Children’s Health Fund (CHF) | e-mail