SHOREline National Advisory Board

The members of SHOREline’s National Advisory Board are thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, and internationally-recognized experts who have devoted their lives and careers to improving the health and well-being of children and youth.  Board members are drawn from the fields of health and medicine, education, and social action, and many of them have been involved in “start-up” operations that they have brought to a national scale.

Irwin Redlener

irwin-redlenerIrwin Redlener, MD, (Board chair) is the Director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at the Earth Institute. He is a nationally recognized expert on disaster preparedness policies, pandemic influenza, the threat of terrorism in the U.S., the impact and consequences of major natural disasters, and related issues. Dr. Redlener is also President and Co-Founder, along with singer-songwriter Paul Simon, of the Children’s Health Fund (CHF), a philanthropic initiative created to develop health care programs in some of the nation’s most medically underserved communities. 

Debbie Bial

debbie-bialDebbie Bial, EdD, is the founder and president of The Posse Foundation, a youth leadership development and college access organization that sends teams (Posses) of students from diverse backgrounds to selective colleges and universities. Since 1989 The Posse Foundation has identified over 5,500 Posse Scholars. In October 2007, Bial received a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, the “Genius Award,” from The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.


Randy Christensen

randy-christensenRandy Christensen, MD, is a pediatrician at Phoenix Children’s Hospital who operates the Crews’n Healthmobile, a 38-foot mobile medical unit that goes out into the streets of central Arizona to provide free healthcare services to homeless and at-risk youth, as well as referrals for housing, food, GED, substance abuse, employment, obtaining identification, legal services and health insurance. 


Ann Cohen

ann-cohenAnn Cohen serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of Project Based Learning, Inc., the non-profit that supports the Workshop School, a small project-based public school in West Philadelphia. Between 2011 and 2013 she was Chair of the Sustainability Workshop where students designed and built projects to solve real world problems. These projects included electric cars, a business that incentivized consumers to use energy efficient lighting, and the creation of the LandRAFT, a self-contained housing structure that can be deployed in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Nancy Degnan

nancy-degnanNancy Degnan, PhD, is a Columbia University professor and the Executive Director of the Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC). She spearheads initiatives and programming in education, training and applied research in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. Her research and writing has focused on community-based initiatives in education, sustainable development and redevelopment, as well as microfinance and enterprise development.


Rodolfo Elizondo

rodolfo-elizondoRodolfo Elizondo is the founder and Principal of the Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management (UASEM), an innovative new Career and Technical Education high school founded in 2013 and located in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. Mr. Elizondo has developed partnerships with Emergency Management agencies to ensure his students are authentically engaging with Emergency Management work and applying their classroom instruction out in the field.


Paula Madrid

paula-madridPaula A. Madrid, PsyD, is a New York State Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Madrid’s private practice focuses on professional consultation, a wide-range of evaluations, and treatment. She is also presently a fellow at the Harvard Program for Refugee Trauma (HPRT) and is on the faculty of HPRT’s Global Mental Health Program. Dr. Madrid is an adjunct faculty at the National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP) of Columbia University, where she served as the director for the Division of Psychosocial Preparedness and Associate Research Scientist for several years. Dr. Madrid has conceived and launched a number of community mental health programs for children and their caregivers in the wake of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and Superstorm Sandy, among others, and is considered an international expert in children’s disaster mental health. 

Regina Moran

regina-moranRegina Moran works for the FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Division, where she has spearheaded many of the federal government’s initiatives related to youth preparedness, including planning and coordination of training workshops for each of the ten FEMA regions, development of a variety of tools for those starting youth preparedness programs, and establishment of the FEMA Youth Preparedness Council. Previously, Ms. Moran was the Director for Serve DC, where she developed and implemented the Commander Ready Program, a youth preparedness curriculum adopted in DC Public Elementary Schools.

Morgan O’Neill 

morgan-oneillMorgan O’Neill is a co-founder and the Chief Science Officer of, which provides organizing and communication tools to communities recovering from disaster. She and her sister started the company after experiencing a tornado in their hometown, where they learned what it takes to marshal a modern and effective grassroots response. Their TED talk is among the most widely viewed “disaster” videos. She is currently a PhD candidate in Atmospheric Science at MIT, where she studies severe storms on Earth and Saturn. Morgan has experience as a community organizer and actively volunteers as an EMT.

Jeb Weisman

jeb-weismanJeb Weisman, PhD, is Chief Information Officer for the Children’s Health Fund (CHF), founder and Director of the Center for Community Health Technology, and Director of Strategic Technologies for the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, Columbia University. Dr. Weisman is an anthropologist and computer scientist concentrating on advanced information technologies, healthcare, society, and disaster preparedness.