Gulfport High School

Chapter Established: 2013-14


2013-2014 Gulfport.

Gulfport High school is located in Gulfport, Mississippi, just minutes from the beautiful white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. With approximately 1,500 students, from 9th-12th grade, the high schoolers at Gulfport High are encouraged to become problem solvers and lifelong learners.

The Gulfport chapter joined SHOREline during the inaugural year with Mr. Hardy Thames as the teacher-sponsor. Throughout the year, the Gulfport SHOREliners, all juniors in high school, discussed the fact that disasters may be experienced  on many scales and in different forms, from regional natural disasters such as hurricanes with the recovery difficulties involved, to the public health disaster of childhood obesity. The Gulfport students sought ways to connect the dots to address a variety of interconnected challenges related to health and the environment. In the end, they developed Camp Hopewaves as an initiative designed to provide free child care in the disaster aftermath, sustainable food sources for vulnerable communities, and healthy eating awareness for children. This innovative project engages teens to teach younger children in stressful situations, to develop aquaponics systems for raising healthy food in environmentally sound ways, and to encourage healthy food habits for young people.

2014-2015 Gulfport.

2014-2015 Gulfport.

The Gulfport chapter returns to the SHOREline network for the 2014-2015 school year as an extra-curricular program – facilitated by Mr. Hardy Thames. The chapter has begun the year exploring the history and current situation of the vulnerable Turkey Creek area in Gulfport.  This historic African American community is a critical watershed that is in the path of the airport and other forms of encroaching development. Teacher Hardy Thames, who authored a CNN article about Turkey Creek, brought the Chapter on a field trip to see and learn about the community’s past and present.  .


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