Alma Bryant High School

Chapter Established: 2013-14


2013-2014 Alma Bryant.

Alma Bryant High School is located in Irvington, Alabama. Students are drawn from coastal communities in the area, which is known as the “Seafood Capital of Alabama.” With approximately 1,600 students from 9th-12th grade, Bryant high schoolers continuously strive to become successful, responsible, independent, lifelong learners serving worthy purposes in society.

The Alma Bryant chapter joined SHOREline during the inaugural year as an intra-curricular program that was co-facilitated by Ms. Heather Summey and Ms. Debbie Harris.


2014-2015 Alma Bryant.

As the Bryant SHOREliners explored disaster recovery in their community, the students uncovered the difficulties of food preparation during power outages in times of disaster. Their project, Hungry? No Power? No Problem! Cooking to Empower the Powerless, is intended to empower youth with the knowledge of cooking without power, as well as inform them about disaster preparedness. Through a one-day workshop, which was designed to be replicated in other disaster stricken areas, students learn valuable disaster preparedness skills and to cook without power. This ultimately enables all participants to showcase their leadership abilities as well as spread their knowledge and skill to help others cook without power.

The Alma Bryant chapter will rejoin the SHOREline network for the 2014-2015 school year as an intra-curricular program. The students will be taught by Ms. Heather Summey.

For the 2014-2015 school year, the Alma Bryant team continues to develop their Hungry? No Power? No Problem! Project by recruiting other schools within their county and a neighboring county to participate in their disaster preparedness workshop. They are also exploring additional ways to cook healthy and delicious meals without power and plan to implement the techniques into their 2nd annual cooking without power contest.

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