Building Child-Focused Community Preparedness: RCRC Toolbox Release

In partnership with community leaders, the Resilient Children/Resilient Communities Initiative analyzed, recommended and implemented procedures, training, and guidance to help build child-focused community resilience to disasters. The RCRC Toolbox is a dynamic collection of resources developed and curated throughout this initiative for the benefit of those working to make our communities and our children more resilient to disasters. This collection of tools and resources should be shared widely with communities nationwide.

The toolbox is categorized for different kinds of people or organizations that are looking for tools to assist in their preparedness and planning efforts: 1) child-serving institutions, 2) community emergency planners, 3) policymakers, and 4) individuals and families.

Access the RCRC Toolbox here:

Tags: Community Engagement, RCRC Initiative, Community Resilience, Children and Disasters