What is G-CAFH?

The Gulf Coast Child and Family Health Study (G-CAFH) is a longitudinal study of post-disaster recovery measures in the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast. Established in 2006, the cohort is comprised of 1,079 randomly selected households sampled from FEMA trailer parks, commercial trailer parks, and community venues. Respondents are surveyed annually regarding their physical and mental health as well as social and economic indicators of recovery.

With the 5 year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina upon us, there have been two key pieces of literature recently released. The Children’s Health Fund and the National Center for Disaster Preparedness have released a white paper focusing on the impact of Katrina titled: Legacy of Katrina: The Impact of a Flawed Recovery on Vulnerable Children of the Gulf Coast. An academic research paper titled Children as Bellwethers of Recovery: Dysfunctional Systems and the Effects of Parents, Households, and Neighborhoods on Serious Emotional Disturbance in Children After Hurricane Katrina, has recently been published and is available for free.

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