Critical Concepts for Children in Disasters Identified by Hands-on Professionals: Summary of Issues Demanding Solutions Before the Next One

This supplement contains many hands-on experiences of pediatricians and others who cared for children during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. They have all offered significant insightful suggestions to help planners better prepare for care of children during the next disaster. Pediatricians and other providers need to educate families on many aspects of disaster planning. Families should know that help may not be available for many hours or even days in the immediate aftermath of a major community-wide disaster. Pediatricians can help by advising families directly or providing information with respect to available resources, online or otherwise. Discussing and even rehearsing a family emergency plan and developing disaster kits with essential supplies are essential. Pediatricians and families should be aware of the superb informational resource available from the American Academy of Pediatrics at terrorism.

Children & Disasters
Vulnerable Populations
Workforce Readiness
Disaster Preparedness