Evolutions in Emergency Management: Maximizing resources through the RCRC Initiative (Part 3 of 3)

This emergency management and childcare provider video series highlights 1) the importance of planning for children’s specific and unique needs in an emergency and how those plans build a more resilient community, 2) addresses how this planning gap evolved, and helps us understand the critical nature of bringing emergency management and child-serving institutions to the same table and 3) how the Resilient Children/Resilient Communities Initiative (RCRC) is facilitating conversations that have never occurred in the past.

This video series features interviews with emergency management professionals from the two Resilient Children/Resilient Communities Initiative pilot communities in Washington County, AR and Putnam County, NY. Also featured is NCDP Deputy Directory Jeff Schlegelmilch and NCRLB board member Andrea Davis‎, Director, Global Crisis Management and Business Continuity at The Walt Disney Company.

Tags: Community Engagement, RCRC Initiative, Community Resilience, Evolutions in Emergency Management