Public and private workforces in government, healthcare, and critical industries need to be “ready, willing, and able” to work in a disaster’s aftermath. Clearly, such readiness is predicated on prior knowledge and training. NCDP combines training of public health professionals with research into workforce issues in order to better understand, and promote, workforce readiness in the event of a disaster.

The Columbia Regional Learning Center, soon to be known as the NCDP Training Center, is NCDP’s “training” arm, and it provides a wide range of didactic and interactive subjects and curricula for people interested in enhancing their skills and knowledge in public health preparedness, response, and recovery. Please visit the NCDP Training Center to access these free training materials and resources.

From a research perspective, NCDP has conducted a number of studies and examined workforce readiness among health care professionals in public health agencies and hospitals, emergency medical services personnel, and social workers, among others. The Center’s research has focused on identifying the barriers to such readiness among various workforces, considered mitigation strategies, and examined the organizational aspects of preparedness among New York City’s nursing workforce.

Key Research Projects