Crisis Communication & Decision Making

In order to be effective, organized systems of preparedness, response and recovery are dependent upon leaders and practitioners who communicate clearly and who make appropriate decisions. Crisis communication and decisions-making are important areas for NCDP research and practice.

62376Many factors influence crisis communication and decision-making in an emergency. The political and organizational environment affects the ways that messages are broadcast and received. The context and content of risk and crisis messages are critical elements, as are the techniques and media used to distribute such messages.

NCDP’s research has examined the messages and mechanisms for communicating with such high-risk populations as homebound and frail elderly, undocumented immigrants, urban teenagers, and HIV/AIDS populations, as well as the ethnic and neighborhood differences in preparedness and risk receptiveness in New York City neighborhoods.

In addition, NCDP has researched public health decision-making during Hurricane Katrina, evaluated evacuation decision support tools for healthcare facilities, and developed a training on decision-making for the Columbia Regional Learning Center.

Key Research Projects

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