Study Conducted on NJ Residents Post-Sandy

The story of the Sandy Child & Family Health Study (S-CAFH): People who want to learn more about Superstorm Sandy that hit New Jersey in 2012 are knocking on doors, wanting to hear more about the storm’s impact on the state. NBC10 Jersey Shore reporter Ted Greenberg uncovers what the study is revealing. Watch video.

Dr. Irwin Redlener on the Brian Lehrer Show on the Harlem building collapse

NCDP Director Dr. Irwin Redlener offers advice on the Brian Lehrer Show for preparing for and responding to disasters like yesterday’s gas explosion in East Harlem. “The recommendation is that there is significant smell of gas, you should literally leave right that second. Don’t turn off the lights, just go out of the building and make …

Calls for Better Evacuation Plans for the Infirm

As state panels prepare final recommendations for improving disaster preparedness, advocates and experts point to a series of failures in evacuating and housing some of society’s most vulnerable citizens. Dr. Irwin Redlener discusses the policy challenges that will need to be addressed in the upcoming months.