Care of the Child With Ebola Virus Disease

Objectives: To provide clinicians with practical considerations for care of children with Ebola virus disease in resource-rich settings.

Data Sources: Review of the published medical literature, World Health Organization and government documents, and expert opinion.

Data Synthesis: There are limited data regarding Ebola virus disease in children; however, reported case-fatality proportions in children are high. Ebola virus may affect immune regulation and endothelial function differently in children than adults. Considerations for care of children with Ebola virus disease are presented.

Conclusions: Ebola virus disease is a severe multisystem disease with high mortality in children and adults. Hospitals and clinicians must prepare to provide care for patients with Ebola virus disease before such patients present for care, with particular attention to rigorous infection control to limit secondary cases. Although there is no proven specific treatment for Ebola virus disease, meticulous supportive care offers patients the best chance of survival.

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