Hurricane Season 2017 Media

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NCDP experts weigh in on the response and recovery efforts related to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma:

Marketplace: Puerto Rico takes on major sheltering effort as Maria strikes Caribbean [AUDIO]
September 20, 2017
Dr. Irwin Redlener on sheltering concerns in Puerto Rico post hurricanes Irma and Maria

Huffington Post: How Houston Can Become Stronger After Hurricane Harvey
September 19, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch quoted on long-term recovery and resiliency

AP: FEMA auctioned disaster trailers before Harvey made landfall
September 16, 2017
Dr. Irwin Redlener on the importance of the gap between supply and demand with regard to disaster relief resources

Houston Chronicle: Floodwaters gone in South Houston, but no sign of FEMA
September 15, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch quoted on disaster relief prioritization

Dukes of Hazard Podcast: What the f*** just happened [AUDIO]
September 13, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch discusses Hurricanes Harvey and Irma with the hosts of the emergency management themed podcast

i24 News: At least eight senior citizens die due to Irma [VIDEO]
September 13, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch on the tragic deaths of senior citizens in Florida from heatstroke after Hurricane Irma

Houston Chronicle: Rosenberg and other overlooked communities digging out from Harvey, too
September 13, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch quoted on the challenges of recovery facing vulnerable populations

Politico: Democrats hold their fire on climate change
September 12, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch quoted on the political response to the link between climate change and hurricanes

Axios: Hurricane Victims’ Healthcare Needs
September 12, 2017
Dr. Irwin Redlener lists key concerns in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Christian Science Monitor: Post-Katrina lessons for Harvey’s returning students
September 11, 2017
NCDP adjunct research scientist Dr. Lori Peek on findings from an NCDP/Children’s Health Fund study regarding the impact of Hurricane Katrina on children, with implications for the long-term recovery of children post Hurricane Harvey. Click here to read the study.

Daily Mail: Why Irma Wasn’t as Catastrophic in Florida as Feared
September 11, 2017
Dr. Irwin Redlener’s assessment of evacuation and recovery efforts

WNYC | The Brian Lehrer Show: Hurricane Irma Preparedness
September 8, 2017
Dr. Irwin Redlener talks about how individuals and governments prepare

i24 News: Monster Hurricane Pushes Towards Florida [VIDEO]
September 7, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch interviewed on potentially catastrophic risks posed by Hurricane Irma

New York Times: In Houston, a Terrifying Real-Life Lesson for Disaster-Prone Cities
September 5. 2017
Dr. Irwin Redlener quoted on New York City’s relationship to large scale disasters like Harvey

Deseret News: Katrina and now Houston show how people, not just government, are key to effective disaster response
September 1, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch provides detailed insight on the systems response efforts during disasters like Harvey

Climate Liability News: As Harvey’s Price Tag Skyrockets, a Reckoning on Climate Costs Looms
September 1, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch on disaster funding ramifications

NBC News: The Unexpected Health Impacts of a Hurricane
August 31, 2017
Dr. Irwin Redlener on the various health concerns related to flooding

Bloomberg: Flights to Houston Restart in Early Sign of Hurricane Recovery
August 30, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch quoted on community economic recovery in Harvey’s aftermath

BBC News: Interview with Jeff Schlegelmilch on Hurricane Harvey [VIDEO]
August 30, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch is interviewed by BBC News on key issues related to Hurricane Harvey response

i24 News: Hurricane Harvey Sparks Climate Change Debate [VIDEO] 
August 30, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch discusses the link between climate change and Hurricane Harvey at a roundtable discussion

ABC News: Grim Reality in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey: More Dead
August 30, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch weighs on potential fatalities and vulnerabilities during Hurricane Harvey

State of the Planet Blog: Recovery from Hurricane Harvey Could Take 15 Years
August 29, 2017
Dr. Irwin Redlener predicts a long drawn out recovery for communities affected by Hurricane Harvey

ABC7/WJLA: Harvey disaster relief could provide rare moment of bipartisanship in Congress
August 29, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch stresses the importance of swift and decisive political and legislative leadership to aid in Hurricane Harvey recovery

Fortune: The Biggest Test Trump Faces With Hurricane Harvey
August 28, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch talks about presidential leadership in the context of Hurricane Harvey

Marketplace: Where to house people during a disaster?
August 28, 2017
Jeff Schlegelmilch quoted on the use of mega-shelters during disasters

Boston Herald: Flood worries rising, Harvey dumps massive rains on Texas
August 27, 2017
Dr. Irwin Redlener warns of phenomenal rainfall and flooding with the landfall of Hurricane Harvey